Year 4 Trip to Burwell

When we went to Burwell last week, we got to have a snack because we were on the bus for a long time.

We had lunch when we got there. We had sausages and mash, it was such a yummy lunch. I loved lunch!

Then we got to go to our room to put our clothing in our bedrooms. We had bunk beds. There were 11 girls in my room. Next we went to our groups. My group teacher was Miss Ruff.

First we went for the Burwell challenge. It was so funny because we all fell over on the muddy floor but we got the eggs. The eggs were for when we show teamwork. We got 4 eggs!

After we had a break, we had fruit. I had apples and oranges. After we had to wear some big black goggles so that we couldn’t see properly and my friends ¬†helped me around the obstacles. Then we swapped and I helped my friends with the goggles. It was hard and we had to show our best teamwork skills.

We had dinner, it was fish fingers and chips, I liked it so much. For pudding we had cake and custard. We ate lots of it.

We got to put our PJs on for night time. We watched the film Elf because people wanted to watch it. I got a Fox from the snack shop it was so cute. We had lights out for the night time. All the girls were talking all night.

The next morning we made bags that we could take home. It was so fun! I made a house for my family.


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