A review of Boss Baby By Sarah

Last week we went to watch Boss Baby on the 21st November.

My favourite parts were when the family puts talc powder on the baby’s bottom. I also liked the part when they reveal the cute puppy .I like these parts because when the puppy was revealed it was so cute. I also liked this part because Tim and Boss Baby had to get the formula back so there’s no more never ending puppies.

I like the powder bit because it’s very funny and one time Tim had to do it and Boss Baby was not happy.

My favourite character wasBoss Baby because he’s funny. I like his dark outfit . I also like him because he has a crew and I always wanted a crew that I could have meetings with like him . Another reason why I like him is because he’s serious and because he’s on a mission .

Personally I would want to be him if I was a cartoon. What about you ?

I would definitely watch the film again if I had the chance. I would also give the film five out of five stars because of the action , detail and shocking moments !

Loads of people should watch this film including you !

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