My favourite lesson this week….



Gymnastics was very fun and the teacher was called Phill. We did cartwheels.Every week we do straight jumps. We did bunny jumps this week as well. We also did handstands!

Complete or incomplete circuits?

Today at school we got to play with electricity by learning about circuits! If you play with live electricity at home always have parental supervision or a special suit. I got to do this because we were using batteries that have stored electricity. We learnt about complete and incomplete circuits.

My poppy appeal

In November, for a week, the Poppy appeal slapbands and armbands get sold by the office to raise money for charity. All for £1.50 and £1.  These will be sold until next Friday. The slapband colours are black,white,pink,blue and purple.The armbands come in all sorts of colours like brown and pink . We hope you bring money to give to charity.

My favourite lesson …

My favourite lesson this week was…


Gym was so fun, the teacher was called Phil. 

First in gym, every week, we do straight jumps, tuck jumps and straddle jumps. 

Next we walked on our tip toes while balancing a bean bag on our heads. After that we did bunny jumps but with bean bags in between our ankles.

Next we did forward rolls. These were great!


The colours in French are rouge,bleu,vert,gris,noir,violet,marron,blanc and rose. I love learning French colours!





The firework maker’s daughter character description

Lila is a young girl who wanted nothing more than being a firework maker. She was a fussy baby. She refused her food and all she did was cry. Lila loved fireworks, she toddled around as she listened to crackles and saw the explosions. Like it was nothing, Lila felt the harsh barren walls with her bleeding hands. Even if Lila burnt her fingers making fireworks she still carried on. Like Lila was already a firework maker, out of nowhere she kept inventing and inventing new fireworks.

Like a champ, Lila kept on climbing the craggy volcano and she didn’t even care if her hands were bleeding, she was so determined to get up that volcano.

How to become a Good Learner

To be a good learner never lie to the teachers. Also, always do what the teacher tells you. When you are a good learner you can get a learning license or star of the week or get a headteacher’s award.  These are all very nice to get. To be a good learner as well you can do a surprise for the teacher.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this.

My poppy appeal

In my poppy appeal I have bought a slap band. My best slap band can be my ruler and when I slap it in my wrist it will automatically fit around my hand. If you want to buy a slap band you have to give us £1. 50. This money all goes to charity. Thank you for donating.

Family By Sarah

Family is a very important part of you because that is the reason you are confident , loved and comfortable . You have a family so you have a life , go to school , live and more .

Jo Jo Siwa By Sarah

Jo Jo is a blogger and more. She creates products like bows, necklaces and more. Jo Jo is starring in movies , music videos and more normally. She is doing the Guest star week this week on Nickelodeon . She was on some of the TV shows on Nickelodeon .