Weasels are very small. Adult Weasels are only¬†7 inches long and weigh between 4 – 7 ounces. Weasels can kill prey that is much bigger than them and sometimes kill more than they can eat. Weasels raid chicken coops and eat the eggs. Weasels shed their winter fur with lighter skin in the summer. Owls,¬†snakes ,dogs and cats all hunt Weasels. Weasels will attack humans if they are frightened. The difference between a stoat and a weasel is that a stoat has a black tip on the end of its tail. Weasels are rare in North America but they are common in Europe and Asia. These tiny mammals have a long sleek body and a small head. They’re perfectly designed hunting machines. Weasels are carnivores and they mostly eat mice and voles. Because they are small and flexible they can go into the burrow unlike most predators. They can travel 2.5 km on a hunting expedition. It climbs well and will often raid birds nests taking the eggs and eating the young. When ratting its courage is even greater than the stoats. Female weasels are considerably smaller than the males. But both are small enough to pursue rats mice and even field voles. It is common in most habitats and frenetically active both day and night. As it must consume a quarter to a third of its body weight to survive.

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