At Burwell we played a game called sly fox what we had to do was the teachers and Conal where farmers and they had to try and find some children that are foxes and if they see us they will call our name then we get a skull picture on our face,hand or arm.


The other game we played is where there is a map and a checklist and we had to look at the number on the map and went to find the piece of plastic and write the word next to the number on our sheet with our partner.

My adventure at burwell

I went to burwell with 49 children. I was partners with Vanessea so I could get along with her. The first game we played was very cool. We played the Burwell challenge. What you had to do was I had a partner that was Evelyne and the teacher were the farmers and the children were foxes if you got caught you got stamped on your body. I and my partner got one stamp. It was really cool. I have got to go bye.

by Elle

My crazy dog called Mia

I have a crazy dog called Mia. she Is so naughty,the breed of my dog is a yourkshire terrier.I love Yorkshire terriers because you you can make a pony tail in their hair.and they look so.,cute,I love my dog because although she’s naughty she is smart she knows how to she please.she stands on two legs and opens her mouth so I can give her some chicken If I have some.she also loves everyone she doesn’t care who it is she will run up to them with her tail waggiling then,she likes them. I also so love my dog cause she loves me as much as I love her.🐶🐶

From Livia

Meerkats adventures at Christmas time

Meerbat went to his fire at his house where he went near the logs. Meerbat went to a restaurant with mrs and mr swell and Meerbat had a nice cup of tea or coffee.Meerbat got home he had a nice sneaky peek in the chocolate box and he ate all of them.Then when Meerbat ate the chocolate he sat down next to the presents 🎁 under the Christmas 🎄 and opened all of them. Then he went back to the hero’s box and ate more chocolate. After he ate more chocolate then he ate even more chocolate and then he went back to the Christmas tree and then he opened more Christmas presents 🎁 After we opened presents he ate more chocolate and then he went back to the Christmas tree.

Meerbat’s Adventures!

In the Christmas holidays, Mrs Sewell had lots of fun spending lots of time with Meerbat. She was so excited!

First, they all went to see the funfair! They definitely had lots of fun there!               Then, they all came back home to have some warm coffee.                                    When it was Christmas Day, Meerbat was opening his presents excitedly. Cheeky Meerbat tried to eat up all of the candy!!!     The best thing on Christmas was having fun!