The autumn fayre

At the autumn fayre there was some unicorn bark by year 1, guess the Teddy’s name, popcorn by year 4, bookmarks, some little cupcakes by early years, some hot chocolate powder by year 5 and there was a green screen by Mr Henderson.

My French lesson.

I had to sing the rainbow song in French.

French: Rouge et orange et jaune et vert, violet, rose et bleu, je connais les couleurs celles de l’arc-en-ciel, je connais les couleurs celles we l’arc-en-ciel.

English: Red and orange and yellow and green, purple, pink and blue I know the colours all of the colours of the rainbow I know the colour all of the colours of the rainbow.

My dinner tonight

For my dinner I had lasagne, with potato chips and a couple of bits of cucumber. For my desert I had waffles, with M&Ms and whipped cream and chocolate ice cream and last but not least chocolate sauce. I was supposed to have spaghetti bolognese, but we are having it at school tomorrow.


What I liked in stem week

I liked in. Stem week that we made a irrigation system.So what we needed to do is that we needed a pin and we put holes in the bottle.  Then we had to cut the bottle in half and then we had to go out side and dig a hole in the ground.  We poured some water in the bottle to let the plants all grow strong 

I liked it when I made cotton candy and I was so happy when I did the irrigation system it went down quickly.




Stem week

Stem week is a week that we start making new irrigation systems that will make the plants grow big and more stronger, healthier and good.

During the science experiment we tested our own irrigation systems and watered the plants and it went through the holes.