The best holiday ever

In the holiday I went to my unity’s house and we had to go swimming and after that we came back home. The next day I went to a party in Cambridge. It was my friend’s birthday and I had fun with her. On Saturday me and my big sister and my little cousin went to the funfair. After that we came back home. On Sunday I went to my cousin’s house and it is a long way to get there.  When we got there we had a bath and after that we went outside to play . On Monday we came back to Huntington. I had the best holiday ever.

From Marcela


Stem week

Last week on stem week we made our irrigation system and I really enjoyed that. We also did maths using a power point with Mrs Delaney and we also did a science  experiment and measuring with decibels.


My favourite lesson this week

This week I have been in gym with my class. I really enjoyed it because I was able to do some gymnastic tricks. I mostly enjoyed doing the bunny hops and cartwheels. Surprisingly, I have done a proper cartwheel! I have learnt that I need a lot of practice to get all of the tricks perfect. I was  being sensible and I was listening to the teacher. It was really fun!

Maths lessons

My most favourite lesson ever is maths because maths is super fun and I really enjoy it.Sometimes I get stuck but I will try my best to solve it and at home my mum teaches me maths.Maths is my favourite subject because it has some stuff that I know and keeps me going.The things that I love most in maths are times tables,adding,subtracting,dividing and bar charts. Maths make me feel relaxed and it also it’s easier for me to learn.Maths is my favourite lesson in the world.





My favourite lesson out of this week.

My favourite part of this week is when we were with Mrs Timmis . What we did was when  Mrs Timmis made an electricity poster and we had to decide what your number was with your group. There had to be one, two and three. You also had to copy Mrs Timmis’s poster. My other favourite thing is gymnastics.