Meerkats adventures at Christmas time

Meerbat went to his fire at his house where he went near the logs. Meerbat went to a restaurant with mrs and mr swell and Meerbat had a nice cup of tea or coffee.Meerbat got home he had a nice sneaky peek in the chocolate box and he ate all of them.Then when Meerbat ate the chocolate he sat down next to the presents ? under the Christmas ? and opened all of them. Then he went back to the hero’s box and ate more chocolate. After he ate more chocolate then he ate even more chocolate and then he went back to the Christmas tree and then he opened more Christmas presents ? After we opened presents he ate more chocolate and then he went back to the Christmas tree.

my amazing stem week by Kyla

Last week or the week before we did a scientist week. It is called stem week. It was great fun because we got to go outside in the allotment and did an irrigation system. We put water in the bottle and watch the water go completely down. We did a lot of maths and we also looked at Judaism.  These aliens took this man and asked him a lot of questions about Judaism. Question one was about were he lived and another was when he could or can’t go if he doesn’t he gets hanged, and he was sent back to earth. When he got back he had a party with all the Jewish people, so they ate honey and apples and we are doing cooking about Judaism too.

my book review by kyla

My favourite book is Roald Dahl George’s MARVELLOUS MEDICINE. My favourite character is George because he is funny and naughty to his grandma. If I could change the ending I would make it funky, weird, funny and incredible.

by Kyla

the harvest festival

The harvest festival is tomorrow so you better practise get in case you don’t know it. Here is the lyrics, you have a lot some people have not, let’s make it our time to share. Some people live were the sun is hot and the river beds are dry.

by Kyla