My time staying at school

At school some people went to Burwell for 2-3days and the people who are not going to Burwell they stay at school and do fun things.When we were staying at school we went to Chiqiutos and we tried new food like Salsa ,Guacamole,Sour cream  and we dip it in nachos also we made burritos in my burrito I put chicken rice and lettuce cheese.

My pet rabbit

I have a pet rabbit called Nelson. I got him about 4 weeks ago and I am glad I have a pet rabbit because I always wanted a pet.

His favourite colour is green because when I gave him a green teddy each night he sleeps right next to it before he  goes to sleep. His favourite treats are rainbow sticks. When I take him out of the cage he starts jumping around and sniffing my dad’s strawberry plants. I take him out before I go to school and after school I take him out longer.

That is my rabbit blog I hope you enjoy.

How to get a learning license

A learning license is a license like an award for behaving at school like don’t be rude in the class or don’t talk when the teacher is talking.

To get a learning license when you are doing your work, you must not talk to the people next to you and also you must not get distracted when someone is being silly and you have to read through your work and make sure everything in your is tidy and neat.