Stem week!

On Monday we went into the kitchen and we made delicious cotton candy we had a lot of great flavours these are the ones I can remember cola,cherry,strawberry,tootyfrutie and bubble gum they were delicious my favourite part was trying it my favourite flavour was bubble gum it was my favourite because it tasted exactly like bubble gum.

On Tuesday we planed two things we planned our irrigation system and a prediction for measuring sound in meters outside because we were learning about sound It was fun planing our irrigation system because we got to draw it and a little bit of writing which I was very happy about.

On Wednesday we went outside and we did an experiment with Miss Timmis we measured sound by making a video what we shouting stem week very loud !!!!!!!!!!!! We measured it by using a meter roller we did it from 0 metres to 5 metres and it was very fun spending some time outside.

On Thursday we made our irrigation systems we made holes in the lid and bottle and also cut the bottom off we wrote our names on them. We did this with Miss Ruff and it was the most fun lesson I did. I loved it.

On Friday we planted our irrigation system it was very fun because we got to dig a hole.We also had to dig it very deep so our irrigation system could fit.When we finished all of the digging and planting we put water in it.It went a bit slow but it watered the plants and they were helping the plants grow.



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