Book review of no milk today

May 8th, 2016

Who was your favourite character?

My favourite character is the cat because when Mr. Green was shaving the sheep it chased the mice.

What happened in the story?

One day the cat is hungry but there is no milk in the jug… So Mr. Green went to get milk from the cow. But the cow was hungry but the keys fell out of his pocket… It was it the snow.

Would you recommend it to a friend? Why?

I would recommend it because when there is one problem then there is another problem.

What would you change?
I would change the animals and setting.

pirate code

May 2nd, 2016  Tagged

No fighting on board.

No gambiling with cards and dice.

No women on board.

All weapons and pirate be ready for battle.


Every pirate gets to vote onwere the ship is going or what the crew does.


Every pirate does what the Captian or Quatermaster says.

viking acrostic poem by Holly

May 2nd, 2016  Tagged

In a long ship sailing far
kings boss them around
I love eating stew
Nagging at each over
Gone forever.


March 23rd, 2016

We watched a film called pirates.

I found the funniest bit which was  when the queen got  poked by the dodo.

The main characters was the pirate captain, the dodo, the queen, Charles Darwin and Mr Bobo.

My favorite character was dodo because he was a rare animal.

I liked the film. My favorite part was when the kings and  queens got pied in the face.

I would recommend it to a friend because it is funny.










A film review of the pirates by Bethany

March 20th, 2016

I liked the film because the Pirate Captain and his crew went on a lot of adventures. There was a Pirate Captain who had a parrot called  Polly .

I found the  film interesting because it has a lot of music and sound in the back ground. The main characters are the Pirate Captain and his crew and Polly.

I would recommend it to someone because it is really funny and exiting.




















































a little brown mouse

March 20th, 2016  Tagged

A little brown mouse,

Was running around my house,

Looking for some cheese,

Can I have some please,

Said the little brown mouse,

Running around my house.


Acrostic poem

March 20th, 2016  Tagged

Vicious, fierce warriors

In longships, sailing far

Kings in the castle

Inside are more vikings

Now the are outside

Going to Asgard

So now they have disapeared.

A hairy little monster

February 2nd, 2016

I,m a hairy little monster

very tall I can also turn very

small I live in a house full of

mice and they play with little dice.

Film review of Matilda by Holly

January 28th, 2016  Tagged ,

My favorite character is Matilda because she is kind and very clever.I love the book and i would recommend to a friend.It is about a little girl and her father is mean to her because she wants to learn.

Poem by jessie

January 28th, 2016  Tagged

I’m a little penguin

here and there

who would possibly know

where i am.




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